Edge Analytics Solution

Centralized management and access to terabytes of data which is collected and analyzed close to its source

Analytics at the Edge

Reach Everywhere

Stop moving all of the data to a central location, move the intelligence close to the source.

Highly Secure

Centralized authentication framework with encrypted data and less data in flight.


Automated data replication and synchronisation. Network speed data acquisition and removal. 

Future Proof

Any data size with fast data access. No need to design for performance. 

Why is Edge Analytics Required?

Internet latency, connectivity, bandwidth and ever expanding data volumes need the Cloud to extend to the Edge.

Who is Edge Intelligence?

An enterprise software company with a proven and patented technology solution supporting the fast, secure access to a network of edge data stores.

Where can Edge Intelligence be deployed?

Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

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Internet of Things

Security & Surveillance

Governance & Compliance

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Distributed Data Lake

"IDC Predict that by 2019 – At least 40% of IoT created data will
be stored, processed, analyzed and acted upon close to, or at the edge of,
the network." 

Source: IDC - Prepare Today for the Next Wave of Digital Transformation, The internet of things 2020 Indicator.