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The industry’s first purpose-built, non-intrusive solution to gain comprehensive insights into your networks at every level

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Adapdix acquires Edge Intelligence to bring data and AI closer together

Network Intelligence

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Subscriber Analytics interprets data from millions of subscribers and trillions of records in seconds, delivering fine-grained analytical insights into subscriber activity. The results: increased network monetization, improved customer experience, customized product bundles, predictable churn, and wiser capital outlays.

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Data is the lifeblood of an organization and can serve as your most strategic asset.  Harness its potential to the fullest and gain a competitive advantage.

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What Others Are Saying

"CSPs mandate a big data architecture that makes it efficient to capture and analyze how subscribers utilize their network.  Edge Intelligence provides an analytics platform which has proven to scale to support millions of concurrent subscribers, as well as the enormous growth in network data traffic and content consumption. Edge’s ability to ingest, correlate and retain massive volumes of data is well suited to support a range of telco and MSO big data use cases and drive positive KPI outcomes."

— Brian Partridge, Vice President, 451 Research

"We have no restrictions moving forward and can capitalize on new expansion plans which will take us into new markets and larger customers. We don’t have any of the limits and bottlenecks we had before."

— Tim Lloyd, Head of Content Security, CensorNet

"Edge Intelligence was selected as the Winner of the Best Emerging Technology in Big Data category among a field of top performers working at the forefront of data, analytics, the Internet of Things and big data."

— 2018 Big Data Excellence Awards Computing UK

"Edge Intelligence’s intelligent edge software addresses a key concern, and opportunity, in the Internet of Things: edge computing and analytics. 451 Research surveys show that over 2/3 of IoT workloads are initially analyzed at the edge, which has driven the need for distributed-edge architectures to analyze the enormous volumes of device data generated. Edge Intelligence’s federated edge architecture is timely and well positioned to capitalize on the explosion of demand for distributed analytics."

— Christian Renaud, Director, 451 Research

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