Big Data Analytics at the Edge  

Distributed analytics, event processing and machine learning
Analyze data across geographies in an instant

Reach Everywhere

Efficiently store, analyze and process data anywhere with edge computing and hybrid cloud resources, up to thousands of locations.

Highly Secure

Centralized authentication, strong encryption, minimize in flight transfer, govern data within geography.

Fastest Performance

Patented technology pre-optimizes data for the fastest response to any query type, network speed event processing.

Unmatched Scale

Millions of messages per second, cost effectively scale from GB to PB for long term data retention. 

Feeling constrained by your existing data warehouse or data lake?

The next wave of analytics at the edge overcomes the challenges related to security, expanding data volumes and fast changing requirements.

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"We have no restrictions moving forward and can capitalize on new expansion plans which will take us into new markets and larger customers. We don't have any of the limits and bottlenecks we had before."

-Tim Lloyd, Head of Content Security, CensorNet

Use cases for distributed analytics

Customer & Supplier Analytics

Customer & Supplier Analytics

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Internet of Things

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Alerting & Troubleshooting

Alerting & Troubleshooting

Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Governance & Compliance

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Predictive Analytics

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Infrastructure Offload & Cost Savings

Integrates easily with most business intelligence tools. Unlocks deep insight with distributed machine learning. Manage with DevOps tools.

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"Over 2/3 of IoT workloads are initially analyzed at the edge.  Edge Intelligence’s federated edge architecture is timely & well positioned to capitalize on the explosion of demand for distributed analytics.”