About Us

Backed by technology & internet industry pioneers and venture capital partners, we’re changing how companies implement secure, scalable and high-performing big data architectures.  Our team possesses a diverse range of experience within tech having held senior leadership roles at Akamai, Cisco, IBM, Nokia and Oracle.

Kate Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Mitchell possesses three decades of wide-ranging, customer-facing executive success. She was the CEO of CopperEye, a specialist in multi-terabyte data retention, where she guided the company towards a successful acquisition. She has successfully held multiple senior leadership positions for technology leaders including Oracle where she set the standard for marketing approaches in 93 countries and at IBM where she managed all of marketing for a $2 billion process manufacturing business unit.

Duncan Pauly

Chief Technology Officer

Duncan Pauly is a serial entrepreneur and holder of numerous patents related to data management and database design. He possesses over two decades of senior technical experience with roles involving intellectual property development, high performance software architecture, product strategy and technical governance. He founded numerous companies including CopperEye for high-performance data management, Zenulta for high-performance event correlation and Xi Systems for telecommunication customer care and billing systems.

Paul McCafferty

SVP Research & Development

Paul McCafferty has over two decades of experience creating and delivering high performance data management and distributed computing solutions. He was COO and co-founder of CopperEye, with responsibility for product delivery, service delivery and the financial and contractual activities for the company. Prior to this, he was with Xi Systems, where he helped grow the company through acquisition to over 90 employees with overall European responsibility for service delivery, performance management and implementation of products.

Chris Whalen

Vice President of Sales

Chris Whalen brings extensive experience in software & technology sales and a solid track record of rapidly driving revenue growth within start-ups. He was VP of Sales for big data analytics provider Deepfield Networks, where he built the sales team and propelled rapid revenue growth, eventually leading to a successful acquisition by Nokia. He was also VP of worldwide sales at Cariden Technologies, where he rebuilt Cariden’s global sales team to increase revenue growth by 2.5 times in one year which helped lead to an acquisition by Cisco.

Neil Cohen

Vice President of Marketing

Neil Cohen brings more than 15-years of combined marketing and product management experience. He was VP of Global Marketing at Akamai Technologies, where he ran worldwide marketing for a $1.3 billion cybersecurity and web performance business. He was also VP of Product Marketing at Akamai where he helped the organization double revenue and repeatedly launched new products and helped grow them into businesses exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars. He has held several other senior marketing and product positions.

AME Cloud Ventures

AME Cloud Ventures is the venture fund led by Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo! AME Cloud Ventures focuses on seed to later stage companies building infrastructure and value chains around data. “We love technology heavy companies gathering or creating unique data at every stage of the data stack — from infrastructure all the way to applications, mobile, and sensors.”

Morado Venture Partners

Morado Venture Partners is a seed stage venture fund co-founded by Ash Patel, former Chief Technology Executive at Yahoo! At Morado, “we believe we are on the cusp of the next data revolution. That’s why we invest in companies where data is core to their business. Our primary focus is to build disruptive value chains and infrastructure around data.”

Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy co-founded Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1982, serving as CEO and Board Chairman for over 22 years. During his tenure, he transformed Sun from a Silicon Valley start-up to a leading provider of network computing. He is currently the co-founder and chairman of Wayin which monitors consumer behavior across social platforms and turns that data into actionable insights.

Talis Capital

Talis Capital is a London based Venture Capital firm, focused on B2B technology companies within Cyber Security, Fintech/Insurtech, IoT, Proptech & general SaaS. Talis Capital has completed over $400 million of transactions since 2009 with a stellar returns track record. Talis has made over 40 venture investments and count some of the fastest growing tech start-ups in its portfolio.

Wellington Partners

Wellington Partners is among the most successful pan-European Venture Capital firms. For twenty years Wellington Partners Technology has been a leading European Venture Capital firm focusing on investments in early- and growth-stage technology companies. The Wellington Partners Technology Team has raised and invested five generations of Venture Capital funds working with the best entrepreneurs in the technology and life science sectors. In total “we have invested €640 million in 120 companies across Europe.”