Edge/Fog Computing

Adapdix acquires Edge Intelligence to bring data and AI closer together

Store, Process & Analyze at the Edge

It’s forecasted that more than two thirds of all IoT workloads will be initially analyzed at the edge.  Analysis at the edge is required because the time required to transfer data back to a centralized location takes too long for time-sensitive applications.  In addition to those generated by IoT devices, other forms of data also benefit from edge/fog computing architectures to address similar latency, cost and privacy concerns.

Harness a federated, distributed analytics architecture that moves your storage, processing and data analytics closer to where data is generated.  Perform stream processing on data that requires automated, real-time analysis.  Aggregate data from devices and gateways to retain data cost efficiently at the edge.  Deploy in combination with edge computing software within devices and gateways to unlock new insights and to connect edge data on a global scale.

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