Adapdix acquires Edge Intelligence to bring data and AI closer together

Quickly Perform Sophisticated Data Analysis

Government agencies require sophisticated data analysis across a diverse range of areas including those related to transportation, law enforcement, utilities, revenue collection, public health and environmental protection.  Data sources required by agencies – such as infrastructure, utility consumption, and its citizens – are often large and disparate.  This makes it difficult to access relevant data in a timely manner and gain insight.  In addition, military branches are increasingly connected and rely on real-time data to make critical decisions regarding intelligence, its soldiers and munitions.

Easily connect geographically separated government data.  Leave data where it resides to avoid new privacy concerns.  Intelligently deploy capital toward new infrastructure such as roads, airports and bridges based on traffic usage patterns.  Measure and predict environmental impact from sensors as part of smart city initiatives.  Analyze license plate records with location-based services to assist with criminal investigations.  Securely analyze military data generated from connected wearables, tanks, drones and other devices in order to conduct operations.

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