Data Warehousing

Adapdix acquires Edge Intelligence to bring data and AI closer together

Eliminate Enterprise Data Silos

The data warehouse is a critical system for providing business intelligence, tying together large amounts of cross-departmental data.  However, a large number of data warehouse initiatives ultimately fail as they are unable to deliver on the promise of unifying different systems and data formats.  Or are unable to offer a fast, easy means for extracting insight from data once it’s stored.

Overcome the problems with traditional, centralized data warehouses and knock down your data silos.  Keep data close to where it’s generated (on-premise, in the cloud, and/or at the edge).  Input data simply with flexible, configurable input for any business application and data type.  Access all data, whether seconds or years old, using standard SQL commands and BI tools.  Realize low TCO with minimal hardware resources and by not requiring a DBA.  Obtain the fastest response to any query.

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