Internet of Things

Adapdix acquires Edge Intelligence to bring data and AI closer together

Interpret Machine & Sensor Data

With more than 30 billion consumer and industrial IoT devices expected to be connected to the Internet by the end of this decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform nearly every industry in the foreseeable future.  The majority of IoT devices, however, collect data that never gets analyzed to its fullest extent.  Large industrial devices generating terabytes of data daily put new requirements on the analytical infrastructure required to process, scale and turn data into insight.

Make sense of the enormous volumes of data generated by IoT devices and achieve desired business outcomes.  Create new data sets that provide a competitive advantage and new services to offer customers.  Seamlessly integrate IoT devices with different formats and analyze instantly close to where the data is generated.  Perform automated stream processing in real-time and send alerts based on incoming IoT data.  Analyze IoT devices with the ease of SQL syntax and without any additional expertise in embedded system design or specialized programming languages.

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