Subscriber Analytics Application
For Communication Service Providers

Turnkey software application for big data network analytics – architected for the most demanding performance and scale requirements of telecommunication and cable multiple system operators (MSO)

Subscriber Analytics Application

Built on top of Edge Intelligence’s distributed analytics platform, a complete subscriber analytics software application has been developed specifically to help communication service providers (CSPs) monetize network traffic. The application makes it easy to capture and analyze how subscribers utilize the network and can support millions of subscribers.

Subscriber analysis and reporting is done using standard SQL commands and CSP’s can use existing data visualization tools for management and operational reporting. Searches are responded to in seconds even on large datasets containing hundreds of billions of records. Standard API’s are available to integrate all necessary data seamlessly into existing workflows and customer support portals.

Architecture Description

The platform’s high-speed ingest interfaces allow for the passive collection of NetFlow and IPFIX event data at network speed. Correlators perform multi-dimensional categorization, in real-time, based on the latest information such as subscriber, domain and application type – leveraging real-time network usage information from DNS address responses and DHCP/Radius lease notifications.

Fine grained subscriber level usage information is collected and retained within a distributed database whilst offering centralized analysis of subscriber IP usage across the entire network and for regular exports to external systems.  This allows CSPs to deploy anywhere within their network where rack and compute space is available and the most cost effective.

The system has been designed from the ground-up to federate queries in-parallel across geographically distributed nodes so it is easy to access data and instantly gain all information available for any particular subscriber or group. The solution is delivered as software and no specialized hardware is required as software is run with a small compute & memory footprint. Administrators have control how long they wish to retain data within a system that scales to petabytes.

Solution Highlights

Highly Scalable -

  • Granular analytics across millions of subscribers
  • Collate across millions of notable domains and services of interest
  • Supports millions of NetFlow or IPFIX events/second
  • Thousands of DHCP or Radius messages/second
  • Millions of DNS responses/second
  • Up to 1-year of retained subscriber-level usage history
  • Retains trillions of records
  • Responds to ad-hoc and forensic queries in seconds
  • Supports changing requirements without re-design or re-load

Easy to Deploy & Extract Data -

  • Deploy with physical or virtual hardware
  • Passive collection of telemetry data
  • Automated system and software management
  • Standard interfaces to existing systems
  • Fine grained access control and privacy configurations
  • Enriched real time subscriber visibility
  • Drill down by multi-dimensional categorizations
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Drop in solution, implemented in weeks, fast ROI