Example Use Cases

Security & Surveillance

Surveillance applications monitoring communications data derived from location aware devices, cameras and sensors need to be able to consume data at network speed and keep the most granular detail for months or years while being highly responsive to ad hoc and forensic type queries.

Long-Term Retention

Exhaustive and lengthy online retention of all granular communications activity is achieved at petabyte scale.  There is no need need to ship sensitive data to a central location, respecting the privacy of individuals not part of an investigation.

Web & Enterprise Security

A complete history of all traffic can be retained for governance and investigation of anomalous activity.  Obtaining in-depth understanding is necessary for detecting suspicious behavior in near real-time but also to perform reconnaissance on activities that happened in the past.


Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is leading to ever expanding volumes of data. It is anticipated that by the end of this decade, there will be more than 20 billion connected machines and sensors generating in excess of 600 zettabytes of new data annually.  The volume of data is so large and the population of devices so distributed that latency and bandwidth limitations make it impractical to ship all of the device data. 

Industrial & Consumer Segments

Unlike “basic” edge computing solutions embedded within a device or nearby IoT gateway, our architecture brings the power of distributed big data analytics, complex event processing and machine learning to the edge.  Deep learning on newly generated and historical data can be done together without having to reduce data and ship to a warehouse.  New insights are unlocked instantly through analytics performed not only on a single edge, but also by accessing and analyzing multiple or all edges all at once.

Digital transformation is realized across all B2B and B2C industries through new levels of operational efficiency, cost savings, business process automation and improved customer experience.


Subscriber Analytics

Communication Service Providers

The ability for communication service providers (CSP's) to monetize their network relies on a deep understanding of each subscriber’s content consumption and data usage.

We’ve developed a turnkey subscriber analytics application for the real-time collection, correlation (subscriber, domain, application) and storage of network speed data at the edge.  The architecture satisfies even the most demanding performance and scale requirements.

Operators gain a deep understanding of each subscriber with granular level details of fixed-line and OTT content consumption so they can offer targeted promotions and personalized offers to increase revenue.  Seamless integration with portals ensure customers have up-to-date visibility of their data usage while operators have confidence in developing tiered data plans which charge on usage, zero-rate and overage models.


Distributed Data Warehouse

We’ve developed a new approach to the data warehouse that builds on its strengths yet overcomes many of the constraints that exist with today’s solutions.  By distributing data across geographies and federating as though all the data as though was in a single location, the latency, cost and data privacy issues associated with moving data to a centralized warehouse is eliminated.

Enterprise, Retail, Financial, SaaS

Data can be stored, processed and analyzed at the edge (e.g. point-of-sale, bank, factory, hospital, office), in the cloud, or on-premise – or any combination thereof.  Insights from customers, partners, suppliers and machines are accessible in real-time on a global scale.

Provider Agnostic

Any cloud provider or hardware can be used while leveraging a massively scalable and high-performance SQL database which excels in all deployment models and provides fast, consistent responses to all query types.