Adapdix acquires Edge Intelligence to bring data and AI closer together



Central Servers

Operate & Analyze

  • Complete centralized control of everything with automated roll-out across the network.
  • All changes are performed centrally and are automatically propagated to all servers.
  • Create edge topologies with arbitrary shape and depth.
  • Configure new data sources centrally using a library of adapters.
  • Queries can be performed using standard ANSI SQL and the Edge Intelligence platform supports ODBC and JDBC protocols using the standard drivers.


Distributed Software Installation & Orchestration

  • Automated software installation with an Ansible environment.
  • Distributed queries operate in parallel across the network with predicate and analytical push-down to minimize network traffic and reduce query response times.
  • High availability with automated query distribution and load-balancing based on server availability at the time of the query.
  • No user or role information disseminated over the network.
  • Automatic replication, synchronization and selection of available resources. No need to configure master/slave operations or to manage fail-over or recovery operations.
  • Meta data and universal data is automatically propagated around the network and message data is automatically replicated between edge servers using multi-master synchronization.

Geo Distributed Edge Servers

Distributed Data Input

  • Universal data can be loaded from files in a variety of formats that include delimited formats (such as CSV and TSV) and fixed width formats.
  • Messages received from sources, such as gateways & devices, can be parsed and mapped to rows in a table. These messages can arrive in a variety of formats, such as JSON.
  • Data input at network speed at rates of hundreds of thousands of messages per second per edge server, scaling to millions per second across the system.
  • Guaranteed delivery with sustained message flow.
  • Automated, real-time stream processing on all incoming data using SQL syntax.


Distributed Database

  • Patented efficient and autonomous data store that keeps everything and enables the query of anything.
  • Fast and predictable response times for any and all queries
  • Full SQL compliance. Native time series.  ACID compliant.
  • Disk optimized store utilizes high capacity, high-latency disks.
  • Small memory requirement.
  • Automatic data aging beyond retention windows.
  • Fast queries for all current and changing requirements.
  • Cost effective storage from gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes.
  • Apache MADlib for distributed machine learning and R model translation to SQL.
  • Ensures the security of all of the data stored at the edge of the network and the security of any data moved across the network.
  • Full encryption of any data in flight across the network.
  • Encryption of all at-rest data at the edge.
    Prohibited direct user login at the edge to guard against intrusion and exposure.

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