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Subscriber Analytics

Analytical insights for communication service providers

Gain real-time business insights by correlating and analyzing data from millions of subscribers. A turnkey application architected to meet the most demanding performance and scale requirements of network operators.

Communication Service Providers are at a critical juncture.  To maximize profits, they need analytics which can provide a deep understanding of their subscriber base.  Analytics to provide a competitive advantage and increase profits throughout the entire customer lifecycle – for tiered-usage plans, self-service support, OTT services, upgrades to bigger data plans and anticipating churn.  Analytics that help with decisions on how to optimize network utilization and deploy new capital for network build-out.

Many network operators struggle to get adequate visibility into subscriber activity.  Their underlying analytics architecture can’t scale with the massive amounts of data generated from millions of subscribers – with billions of new events added daily.  Monetize network traffic by correlating subscriber identify with domain and service types.  Easily analyze and generate reports for management and operations.  Integrate data into existing workflows and portals.


A drop-in solution which can be implemented in hours.  The solution is delivered as software and no specialized hardware is required.  Hardware resources can be either physical or virtualized.  Software runs within a small compute & memory footprint.  Automated software management means no software upgrades are required by you.

Hardware can be deployed anywhere within your network where rack and compute space are available and the most cost effective.  The platform is future-proof whereby data can also be stored within public cloud data centers including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.



High-speed interfaces allow for the passive collection of NetFlow & IPFIX data at rates of many millions of records per second.  A highly resilient, messaging & file-based queuing scheme immediately persists any collected data.  Correlators perform multi-faceted categorization, in real-time, based on the latest information such as subscriber, domain and service type – leveraging real-time network usage information from DNS address responses (millions of responses/second) and DHCP/Radius lease notifications (thousands of messages/second).

Alternatively, event data can be taken directly from existing deep packet inspection (DPI) deployments.  Doing so bolsters existing investments with a flexible, high performance analytical engine and long-term data persistence.




The system is designed from the ground-up to execute queries across geographically distributed locations.  It is easy to access data and instantly gain enriched information for any particular subscriber or group.  Flexible categorizations assigned to subscribers, domains and services allow for deep understanding of all usage within the network.  Popular domains and services of interest can be categorized to see how much video, download, web, and gaming traffic each subscriber has utilized.

Deep insight into subscriber activity is readily available with the ease of SQL.  Create customizable dashboards with industry standard BI tools.  Drill down by multi-dimensional categorizations – by subscriber, groups of subscribers/locations, domains and service types – to improve billing, support, marketing and network build-out activities.  Export reports to external systems using standard API’s.  Issue ad-hoc analytical or forensic queries.


The system has been proven to scale for even the largest network operators – able to ingest, correlate, analyze and retain massive volumes of data.  Ingest and correlate billions of new network events every day generated by millions of subscribers.  Respond to queries on hundreds of billions of records in seconds.  Cost effectively retain trillions of records, with petabyte scale, for analysis and compliance purposes.

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