Adapdix acquires Edge Intelligence to bring data and AI closer together

Distributed Data Warehouse

For Edge Computing and Hybrid Cloud Envrionments

A first of its kind. The only enterprise data warehouse to collect and analyze geographically distributed data sources – on-premise, in the cloud, and/or at the edge. Patented database design for the fastest response to any query.


The data warehouse is a critical system for business intelligence and digital transformation.  Migration to the cloud has made data warehouses easier to deploy and use.  However, all centralized data warehouses suffer from the same architectural flaw – having to transfer large volumes of data across geographies.

Turn the decades old data warehouse architecture on its head.  Eliminate latency, cost and privacy concerns by not having to move data from one location to another.  Knock down the data silos within your organization.  Future proof your investment with a system designed to handle changing data requirements without any redesign.

Deploy Anywhere

Choose the locations where you wish to warehouse data – combining on-premise, public cloud and edge deployments.  In the cloud using public data centers such as those from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.  At the edge using physical or virtualized hardware in places like offices, factories, hospitals, stores and banks.

Warehouse data in the locations where it works best for you.  Software seamlessly ties everything together as one logical warehouse.   Avoid locking into any data center location, cloud-provider or hardware type.


Ease & Familiarity of SQL

Manage and access data using full-featured, standard SQL through any preferred interface.  Quickly realize value without developing specialized NoSQL expertise.  Easily integrate with off-the-shelf BI tools using standard connectors.  Import data quickly using JSON, CSV, TSV and other configurable formats.

Develop machine learning algorithms by operating directly on a SQL database using standard languages.  Avoid having to export and load data into separate, disparate systems.

Loads like Hadoop, Fast Performance

The similarities with typical SQL-based designs end here.  Load enormous amounts of structured and semi-structured data at network speed.  Leverage a patented database designed for the fastest response to any query type.  Forensic, analytical, operational and ad-hoc queries respond in seconds.  Cost efficiently retain data indefinitely for analysis and compliance requirements.

Easy To Manage & Secure

Software installation and updates are coordinated automatically.  Changes are managed and propagated centrally ensuring all changes are made only once.  There’s no need for indexing, partitioning, transformation or schema design.  Define access policies by roles such that privileges can be enforced.  Control access to views, tables and specified edges.  Apply encryption to in-flight and at-rest data.

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