Adapdix acquires Edge Intelligence to bring data and AI closer together

Machine Learning and the Intelligent Edge

WHITEPAPER: The strategic option for developing and deploying machine learning algorithms.  Learn the pros and cons of edge-based machine learning, when compared to services offered in-the-cloud.  Make the best decision on how to apply machine learning for your application use cases.

The Next Wave of Analytics – At the Edge

WHITEPAPER:  By Rick van der Lans – analyst, consultant, author and acclaimed lecturer specializing in data analytics. The next wave of analytics is at the edge – not just simple analytics, but every form.  Solutions that help analyze edge data such as data warehouses, data lakes, distributed databases, streaming data with CEP and data virtualization […]

Edge Intelligence – Intellectual Property at the Edge

WHITEPAPER:  Learn about the patented, intellectual property that lies within the core of each Edge Intelligence server – enabling edge servers to run autonomously while providing excellent performance against large data volumes without prior design.

Edge Analytics for the Industrial IoT

WHITEPAPER:  Explore the benefits of a geographically distributed analytical architecture for industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.  Retain granular detail at the edge to allow for analysis of any aspect of operations now and in the future.

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