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Combating Revenue Pressures in the Time of Cord Cutting


Cost control is a strategic priority for communication service providers.  So much so, that in a recent survey, EY – Digital Transformation for 2020 and Beyond: A Global Telecommunications Study, only 39% of operators in developed markets strongly agreed that innovation capabilities will increase as a strategic priority relative to cost control in the next […]

Three Crucial Decisions that will Align Edge Computing with IoT Use Cases


To date, many IoT architectures have been driven by expedience and technology rather than a careful understanding of the end goals. While this has allowed for rapid iteration, it’s also a recipe for disaster. As the amount of IoT-generated data rapidly increases, selecting the optimal architecture for edge analytics becomes a critical operational and technical […]

Comparing Subscriber Analytics to Deep Packet Inspection Statistics


Network operators have long relied on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) equipment for almost two decades.  Able to inspect the packet payloads of network traffic, it has become a common and useful method for areas such as detecting malicious traffic, preventing data leakage and applying QoS to different traffic categories.  It also provides packet level visibility […]

The Intelligent Edge: Here and Now


Plug the phrase “intelligent edge” into Google, and you’ll be presented with over 134 million results. If you think this speaks to the potential that the intelligent edge is the future of computing, read on. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside the traditional, centralized data center […]

Machine Learning & The Intelligent Edge: The Strategic Option


The Strategic Option for Developing and Deploying Algorithms Similar to cloud computing, machine learning promises to have a profound, transformative impact on business and consumer life. Still in its early stages, machine learning occurs mostly by calling upon centralized resources either on-premise or in the cloud. Unfortunately, this approach restricts companies from capitalizing on the […]

Turning the Big Data Warehouse Architecture on its Head


Rise of the cloud-based enterprise data warehouse We’re at a time where the cloud-based enterprise data warehouse is rapidly gaining momentum. The ease of storing, managing and analyzing large volumes of data in the cloud is driving workloads away from traditional on-premise hardware systems. Along with sizable cost savings in hardware, software licenses and maintenance. […]

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